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Full Driving Licence

After passing the practical driving test and receiving your Certificate of Competence, you can apply for a full driving licence.

You will need to provide the following documents when applying for a full driving licence:

  • A completed application form D401.
  • Your learner permit
  • Your Certificate of Competency
  • Completed Medical Report Form (if applicable)
  • Evidence of your Irish PPS number
  • Evidence of your address
  • The relevant fee
  • You must display “N” plates while driving for a period of two years after receiving your full Irish drivers licence.

NDLS recently made it easier to exchange your fake Irish driving licence. The process can now be completed online with us and no need to fill out paper applications or visit a NDLS centre.

Irish Driving Licence Photo Requirement

Before submitting photo for your Irish Driving Licence, there are certain specifications you should note.

  • The size of Irish Driving Licence photo should be 35mm and 45mm in width and height respectively
  • Photo resolution should be 600 dpi
  • Photo must not be more than 6 months old. The authorities want a true representation of your current appearance. So failure to comply with this requirement means your application will not be processed
  • Colour photo is highly recommended
  • There must be no reflections on your photo and shadows are frowned at. So ensure that the lighting is good and there are no shadows
  • Your head and shoulders should take about 70-80 % of the photo
  • Facial expression must be neutral. Don’t frown or smile in the photo. Ensure that your face muscles are relaxed.
  • Background must be white or light grey. Elements like patterns, objects, or shadows are not allowed
  • Don’t wear glasses in your Irish Driving Licence photo
  • You can wear head coverings for religious purposes only. Don’t use fashion caps or hats.  
  • Avoid using headphones in Irish Driving Licence photo

Licence Features
1. Surname
2. First Name
3. Date and Place of birth
4. a Date of issue, b. Date of Expiry, c. Issued by, d. Driver Number
5. Licence Number
6. Photograph
7. Signature
8. Address
9. Categories.
10. Date Issued from
11. Date Issued to
12. Additional Information / Restrictions
13. Administrative information
14. Optional for information in relation to licence or Road safety

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